This is the most budget you can get.

My Computer

This is the computer I use to edit all my videos, it can easily edit 4K with Final Cut. ​Brought this mac used in Norway for 650$

My 4K Camera

This is my camera, I​ just love the form factor and the amazing 4k.

My wide-angle lens

This is an awesome and high-quality lens for my Lumix G7. I can use this lens for vlogging, cinematic sequences or tutorials.

My Lens

This is the second lens I have for the G7 and I love it, it has an amazing aperture and creates great Bokeh.

The Camera Microphone

Great little microphone for my G7. Only con is the limited mono.

My External Hard-drive

This is the drive I use to store all my 4K footage and all the PSD files, u know.

My Portable Light

I recently bought this portable light from Aputure, it´s sick and so lightweight

My Microphone

The Microphone I occasionally​ use.

My ND filter

This is the ND filter I use to get correct motion blur.

My Lav-Mic

The microphone I use for standing and taking videos. Great audio quality with wav files from my iPhone.

My Editing Software

This is my video editing software for YouTube and yeh

My Tripod

Sick budget fluid head tripod to get those smooth shots!

My Softbox

This is the softbox I use for A roll and B roll, very convenient to have and easy to use.

My Bulb

This is the light bulb I use for my softbox, it has a very nice and cool light.

Creativ Cloud

I use Photoshop and After Effects for banners, intros and thumbnails!